Mens A

  • 1st: Nick Miller (NZ International)
  • 2nd: Tom Coates (Lifecycle)
  • 3rd: Beej Albany (Gold Coast)
  • 4th: Daniel Van Driel (Hamilton Wheelers)
  • 5th: Cameron Layton (Kangaroo Point)
  • Primes: Tom Coates (Lifecycle) & Nick Miller (NZ International)

Mens B

  • 1st: Jenny Spencer & Peter Spencer (Murwillumbah)
  • 2nd: Adam Clark (Lifecycle)
  • 3rd: Tony Pratt (Logan City)
  • 4th: Steven Madsen (Moreton Bay)
  • 5th: Chris Carson (Copper City)
  • Prime: Dean Cameron (Lifecycle) & Tony Williams (Moreton Bay)

Mens C

  • 1st: Philip Challen (Kangaroo Point)
  • 2nd: Steve Lewis (Lifecycle)
  • 3rd: William Lai (University of Queensland)
  • 4th: Jeff Kelly (Kangaroo Point)
  • 5th: Michael Tripcony (Lifecycle)
  • Prime: Philip Challen (Kangaroo Point)

Mens D

  • 1st: Simon Doohan (Lifecycle – 3 Day)
  • 2nd: John Arrowsmith (Lifecycle)
  • 3rd: Robert Light (Lifecycle)
  • 4th: Paul Neylan (Lifecycle)
  • 5th: Bruce Nichol (Lifecycle)
  • Prime: Isaac Carson (Copper City – 3 day)

Womens AB

  • 1st: Jessica Pratt (Balmoral)
  • 2nd: Faye Goodyear (University of Queensland)
  • 3rd: Peta Mullins (Bendigo)
  • 4th: Michaela Murray (Kangaroo Point)
  • 5th: Ashleigh Elliott (Hamilton Wheelers)
  • Primes: Faye Goodyear (University of Queensland) & Ashleigh Elliott (Hamilton Wheelers)

Womens C

  • 1st: Ceran Nilsen (Lifecycle)
  • 2nd: Andrea Abbassi (Gold Coast)
  • 3rd: Helen Chesswas (Brisbane)
  • 4th: Heather Wilson (Lifecycle – 3 Day)
  • 5th: Annie McDonagh (Brisbane)
  • Prime: Ceran Nilsen (Lifecycle)

Womens D

  • 1st: Susanne Lindsey (Logan City)
  • 2nd: Emma Henderson (Brisbane)
  • 3rd: Caz Landry (Logan City)
  • 4th: Nicole Lutze (Brisbane)
  • Prime: Caz Landry (Logan City)

Details of grade standings (for the last six months) have been updated here.

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