This was a great turn out! It must be after all the inspiration form the Commonwealth Games Road Cycling event the day before. Well done to all who came and conquered! See you next month!

Men A Grade 15th April 18


Men A

1 Thomas COATES (Lifecycle)

2 Daniel Busbridge (NZ)

3 Nick Miller (NZ)

4 Mathew BICKEL (Balmoral)

5 Luke STENNER (Lifecycle)

P1 Benjamin Albany (Gold Coast)

P2 Daniel Busbridge (NZ)

Men B 

Gary MADIGAN (lifecycle)

Adam CLARK (Lifecycle)

David SHELBERG (Balmoral)

Philip CHALLEN (Kangaroo Point)

Klaus AUCKENTHALER (Moreton Bay)

P.  Junjie HUANG (Moreton Bay)

Men C

1. Jeff KELLY (Kangaroo Point)

2. Glenn BIRNIE (Wynnum Redlands)

3. Greg HOOGSTRATE (Lifecycle)

4. Mark L’HUILLIER  (Lifecycle)

5. Peter Buggy (Lifecycle)

P. Jeff KELLY (Kangaroo Point)

Men D

1. Angus SHUGG (Lifecycle)

2. Isaac Carson (Lifecycle)

3. Bruce NICHOL (Lifecycle)

4. Robert LIGHT (Lifecycle)

5. Myles HOUGHTON – Juniors B


Women A/B

1. Maddison TAYLOR ( UQ)

Vickie BURR (Balmoral)

Simone LONGDEN (Brisbane CC)

Bridget MALLORY (UQ)

Amanda ROOSMATEN (Kangaroo Point)

P. Simone LONGDEN (Briabane CC)

Women C

1. Elicia Driver ( Moreton Bay)

2. Hayley PARTRIDGE (Lifecycle)

3. Leah ROBERTS (Moreton Bay)

4. Elise RUN (TBC)

5. Eva BURY (Lifecycle)

P. Elicia Driver  (Mroeton Bay)

Women D

1. Chen Chen (lifecycle)

2. Travee’ TRANSOM (Balmoral)

3. Isha-Lee POMANA (Balmoral)

4. Jodie Behan (Hamilton)

5. Kate Huang (Lifecycle)

P. Jodie Behan (Hamilton)

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