Results – Sunday 4 February 2018

Mens A and Womens AB raced for points with sprint laps called by the commissaires at intervals of around 5 laps. Points were awarded for the first four in each sprint lap with double points for the finishing sprint.

Other grades raced under normal criterium conditions.

Photo credit: Selina Green.

Mens A Points Race

1st              Michael Bettany, Hamilton Wheelers

2nd             Beej Albany, Gold Coast

3rd             Jack Landsberg, Hamilton Wheelers

4th             Alex Quirk, Balmoral

5th             Murray McClymont, Hamilton Wheelers

Womens AB Points Race

1st              Jessica Pratt, Balmoral

2nd             Faye Goodyear, University of Queensland

3rd             Rachel Effeney, Brisbane

4th             Bridget Mallory, University of Queensland

5th             Ashleigh Elliot, Hamilton Wheelers

Mens B

1st              Gary Ernst*, Hamilton Wheelers

2nd             Junjie Huang*, Moreton Bay

3rd             Adam Clark, Lifecycle

4th             Will Phillips, Lifecycle

5th             Carmen Barney, Brisbane

Prime       Junjie Huang*, Moreton Bay

Womens C

1st              Steph Byrom, Kangaroo Point

2nd             Ceran Nilsen, Lifecycle

3rd             Emma Pratt, Balmoral

4th             Helen Chesswas, Brisbane

5th             Leah Roberts, Moreton Bay

Prime       Steph Byrom, Kangaroo Point

Mens C

1st              Richard Kohout*, Lifecycle

2nd             Adam Barnes*, Hamilton Wheelers

3rd             William Lai, University of Queensland

4th             Shane Elliot*, Hamilton Wheelers

5th             Oliver Elsworth, Lifecycle

Prime       Adam Barnes*, Hamilton Wheelers

Mens D

1st              Isaac Carson, 3 Day

2nd             Robert Light, Lifecycle

3rd             Bruce Nichol, Lifecycle

4th             Paul Farrington, Lifecycle

5th             Harvey Lewis, Lifecycle

Prime       Bruce Nichol, Lifecycle

*Please note that the Club Handicapper has assessed the results of the following riders and has advised that they are now graded as follows:

Gary Ernst, Mens A

Junjie Huang, Mens A

Adam Barnes, Mens B

Shane Elliot, Mens B

Richard Kohout, Mens B