Your open grading is different to our club grading. Open races are typically longer and involve more elevation gain than our club races.

All racers at our events require a Lifecycle Club grading. The grading determines what race you should be in. It’s not unusual for riders to have different gradings for racing held by different clubs.

EntryBoss is our chosen registration system and it will store your Lifecycle grading once you have entered to race with us.

For those that have never raced with us before, there is now no need to apply for a Lifecycle grading. With reference to the grading guide, riders without a grading can determine what grade is appropriate for them. Then, register to race at one of our events using EntryBoss and choose the appropriate race.

If it is your first time and you are unsure what you should race, in the EntryBoss comments field, please include details about your experience and any riders that race of similar ability. Once you have registered, the club handicapper can see your open grade and any other club EntryBoss gradings you have. If the club handicapper thinks you are in the wrong race you will be contacted.

The intent of the grading system is to provide a fair and competitive race environment for all.
Unfortunately, some people have had the attitude that they should start in a race grade below their ability so that they have a chance of winning right from their very first race. That is commonly referred to as “sandbagging”, which should be understood to induce only a hollow victory.

We believe that it’s best to ride in the grade that properly matches your abilities – where you’ll be able to challenge yourself, stay with the group, learn from other riders and eventually make your way onto the podium.

Open Grading Road

A rider’s open grading is assigned by Cycling Queensland and is used for competing in open events such as the Lifecycle Classic, Anzac 25, Sizzling Summer Series or the Cunningham Classic.

There is an application form on the CQ website which you need to complete then get signed off by a committee member. Your open grade will likely be different to your Lifecycle club grading.

Open Grading Track

Again, this is assigned by Cycling Queensland. There is an application form on the CQ website which needs to be completed, signed off by the club and submitted to CQ.