Every racer needs a grade so that can race with riders of similar abilities. That’s the best way to ride safely and avoid trouble.

You may need three different gradings: a club grade, an open grade for road races and perhaps an open grading for track races.

Lifecycle Club Criterium Grading

This is only relevant for Lifecycle club races, such as our regular criteriums. To race at our club races you need a Lifecycle grading, regardless of which club you belong to. It’s not unusual for riders to have different grades at different clubs. The club handicapper is familiar with the skills and experience of riders within each grade and will sort you accordingly. It’s not just about your abilities but about the other racers in that grade.

You need to apply for a grading before you turn up to register for a race. If you do turn up on the day without a grading other riders will be given first priority, so you may miss your race if volunteers are busy.

Some people have the attitude that they should start out in a grade below their ability. That way they have a chance of winning right from their very first race. That’s just plain wrong. It really isn’t safe to have someone with no experience competing in the final sprint. You won’t learn anything by beating weaker riders, and that’s a pretty shallow victory. We believe that it’s best to ride in the grade that properly matches your abilities – where you’ll be able to stay with the group, learn from other riders and eventually make your way onto the podium.

To help the handicapper assess your abilities, you should provide answers to the following:

  • Some personal details: Gender, age, height and weight.
  • Experience: How long have you been riding? What groups do you ride with?
  • Do you have friends who race with us (names please) and how do you rank yourself alongside them?
  • Other relevant factors, like are you a gun triathlete?

You can apply for a Lifecycle grading by completing the application, including relevant information mentioned above.

To view current Lifecycle Club gradings click here then click on the Find button to search for your name or a rider you think of similar ability. You can also download the list to excel.

Open Grading Road

A rider’s open grading is assigned by Cycling Queensland and is used for competing in open events such as the Lifecycle Classic, Anzac 25, Sizzling Summer Series or the Cunningham Classic.

There is an application form on the CQ website which you need to complete then get signed off by a committee member. Your open grade will likely be different to your Lifecycle club grading.

Open Grading Track

Again, this is assigned by Cycling Queensland. There is an application form on the CQ website which needs to be completed, signed off by the club and submitted to CQ.