It’s important that racers race in an appropriate grade. The Club Handicapper maintains records of race results for club races, awarded as follows:

  • First place 10 points
  • Second place 6 points
  • Third place 4 points
  • Fourth place (if awarded) 3 points
  • Fifth (if awarded) 3 points
  • Prime 3 points
  • Other starters 1 point, each

A rider will be promoted to a higher grade if they gain 20 or more points within a 6 month period. The club will attempt to notify you by email, where we have an email address on file. Keep an eye on your points as they may change after every race.

Note that where the field in any particular race consists of just six or fewer riders points are reduced as follows: First 5, Second 3, Third 4 and Prime 2 points. No points are awarded for fourth or fifth.

Current points by grade

Due to our new racing format in 2019 we have not carried over any 2018 points.