Save 10% on club kit

The club is giving you the opportunity to reserve a kit, in your size from the next order. We know that in the past, people have had issues in knowing what size is going to suit them, so here’s a risk free offer. If that’s not good enough, for reservations made before 31 August 2017 you save 10% on the purchase price.

You don’t need to commit to buy that size if it doesn’t fit you. The club will buy a supply of kit in the sizes that members think they’ll need. Once the order arrives (6 weeks after confirming the order) we’ll put aside a kit for you in the size indicated. If it doesn’t fit and there is (non-reserved) stock in another size you can simply swap. If there isn’t available stock, we’ll order the correct size and reserve that for you – same deal!


  • Mens and womens jerseys $105
  • Mens and womens bib knicks $135

For received kit, take 10% off the above prices.

Junior kit

We’re also ordering a small number of kits for juniors, but won’t be able to make the same offer to reserve junior kit.

  • Juniors (unisex) jerseys $77
  • Juniors (unisex) bib knicks $99

Reserve your kit now